Sam Diego's Mexican Cookery and Bar

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Sam Diego's Plymouth

51 Main St.

Plymouth, MA 02360

Call: 508-747-0048

Fax: 508-747-8979

Individual Platters Menu

The following Selections will accommodate up to 20 individuals.

Fresh Fruit Platter

An assortment of seasonal Fresh Fruits served with our creamy Cranberry Dip.


Fresh Vegetable Platter

Red and Yellow Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, Carrots and Broccoli Florets. Served with our homemade Artichoke Dip.


Cheese and Cracker Platter

A variety of Cheeses accompanied by an assortment of Crackers and Fresh Grapes.


Rib and Wing Platter

Sam’s award winning BBQ Baby Back Ribs paired with our Habanero marinated Chicken Wings.


Sam’s Fiesta Dip

Layers of our refried beans, seasoned taco beef, creamy Chile con Queso, melted cheeses and our zesty Pico de Gallo. Served with sour cream and Sam’s tortilla chips.


Party Wrap Platter

Two varieties of bite-sized rollups !! Our VEGGIE filled with sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, carrots, jalapeno cream cheese and roasted corn ‘n black bean salsa and CHICKEN ‘n BACON rolled with sliced yellow peppers, romaine lettuce and Cranberry Cream cheese. Served with Guacamole. 0 p(copycatprice2). $65.00

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